Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do the icons with the whistle, the ticket and the kite mean?

    LittleCitySpots divides proposed spots into three categories:
    • Leisure (represented by the kite icon): This category includes leisure activities usually without time constraints and strict requirements for participation or attendance, such as playgrounds, parks / gardens, traffic education parks, restaurants / cafes, playgrounds, zoos, etc.
    • Pleasure (represented by the ticket icon): This category includes activities with a specific duration and attendance requirements such as theatrical performances, storytelling, puppet shows, concerts, museums / galleries, activity museums, cinemas, monuments / attractions, festivals, visits to libraries, exhibitions etc.
    • Treasure (represented by the whistle icon): This category includes educational and sports activities such as visits to sports centers, creative workshops, educational programs and programs on art, science, cooking, dance / ballet, music etc.
  2. I have two children, how do I choose spots that are suitable for both?

    In field 'Age' you can choose more than one age. We will provide our list of recommended spots that are suitable for all ages you have chosen
  3. How do I publish a spot through LittleCitySpots?

    If you are an organizer of an activity/spot or responsible for the facility hosting a spot, you can publish the relevant information through LittleCitySpots. We will process your input data and inform you about the availability of the spot information online in the LittleCitySpots pages. To publish spots, you must first create an account by selecting the 'Sign Up' option on our home page. Follow the instructions on the screen and do not hesitate to write us for any question or issue at:
  4. Sometimes, despite choosing a specific location, I do get spot results in nearby areas. Also sometimes, spots available in a specific location are missing from the search results. Can you explain?

    LittleCitySpots searches for spots that are the most 3km away from the center of the location entered in search. So, if you choose 'Athens' as the search location you will get in the list of spot results all those spots located 3km maximum from the center of Athens city center. In order to receive spot results with high precision, please try to provide the maximum level of detail (e.g. full address) of the location around which you would like to receive recommended spots!
  5. Is there a LittleCitySpots app for my mobile device?

    Not right now, however it is in our near term plans. For now you can access LittleCitySpots from any browser in your mobile device. We are doing our best to ensure the maximum usability for LittleCitySpots via browsers, if you spot any issues or suboptimal behavior, please let us know via the 'Feedback' tab in LittleCitySpots pages.