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Regarding the use of LittleCitySpots

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2. The visitor/registered user acknowledges and consents that he/she should him/ herself assess any risks encountered as result of using the services provided/promoted via littlecityspots.gr website, extending to any decision of his/ hers to rely on the correctness/completeness or the usefulness of the respective content. The visitor/registered user acknowledges and consents that he/she should evaluate the content deployed by littlecityspots.gr or submitted for posting by 3rd parties, including any information available through "hyperlinks" referenced to by littlecityspots.gr and this extends to all services promoted via littlecityspots.gr. It is expressly forbidden to reproduce, transfer, distribute or store part or all of the content in any form without the prior written consent of littlecityspots.gr.

3. When a visitor or registered user submits information to littlecityspots.gr by either completing the relevant online forms or sending an email whereby he/ she seeks for services or provision of information by littlecityspots.gr, the information must be provided correctly and accurately and contain no untrue, misleading, defamatory or generally illegitimate data or data that may infringe third parties’ rights.

4. Any data or information submitted, in any form for any reason whatsoever and in any way whatsoever, to the littlecityspots.gr website should not infringe any applicable Greek, European Community or international legislation, nor any commonly accepted principles of good faith and morality. The data/information should not either infringe any relevant principles regarding access to the Internet, the provision of any form of data to the Internet or the use of the Internet in general. The data/information must not be corrupted, falsified or edited by the visitor or registered user submitted or published by nor by any third party. The data/information must not be untrue or defamatory and it must not infringe third party rights.

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